Air Humidifier- Protecting Your Family’s Health During Winter


When the winter season sets in, it is inevitable to utilize means to heat up your house like heaters. They are handy to keep us warm, but they tend to dry up the air sometimes, making it uncomfortable for your household in various ways. For example, dry air causes the dry skin, sinus headaches and infections, sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, cracked lips, dry hair, nose bleeds, and scratchy throats. You do not have to be suffering from conditions like asthma and allergies to be affected.

These conditions can take a toll on your family and even cost you a lot of money in treatment, causing financial loss. Note that, the more your body gets ill, the weaker your immune system becomes, thus you should avoid ailments whenever you can. When the air in your home is dry, you may use an air humidifier to make the air healthy.

There are different types of humidifiers at you can use for your home. The main ones are; cool mist, warm mist, and forced-air humidifiers. The cool mist humidifier is the most popular and uses the natural evaporation principles. The wick filters in the humidifier provide pure and mineral free moisture, and its fans are able to cover a wide area.

The warm mist humidifier boils water within its system and releases it in the form of steam. It doesn’t have a filter, but it is able to provide pure air as well. It is excellent for a cold room since it provides warmth through steam. The forced-air humidifier is usually built right into a house’s ventilation system to humidify the entire home, unlike the warm and cold mist humidifiers which can only be used in one room. The systems are used when the air from the furnace or other cooling units are passed through. Get useful info here!

Before buying or installing air humidifiers, you must ensure that the humidifiers do not exceed 55% humidity to avoid developing problems such as molds, fungi, bacteria, and dust mites. If your home develops molds, you will have another problem altogether because they are harmful to your family’s health as well, particularly those with allergies and sinuses. They are costly to eliminate and can lead to drastic measure such as repainting your home.

When choosing an air humidifier, consider the weather type in your region and how noisy the device is.  If you live in warm climate regions, you will find the cool humidifiers better and vice versa. If you are buying the humidifier for your baby’s room, you will need to consider a minimally noisy device to avoid disrupting the baby’s sleep.

To read more about the benefits of air humidifiers, go to


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